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Reid Compton has been building the Solve Smart Cities web application. Reid is committed to advancing STEM education and sets aside a couple hours each week to volunteer with a robotics club in Southwest Chicago to train a team to build robots. Reid also helped build DonorPath, a technology used to connect a community of nonprofits, experts, funders, and provide a simpler way to raise more money to fund nonprofits

Reid and Matt met through a mutual friend, Travis Centers, and immediately connected over their shared passion for addressing social problems.  Since last fall, they have been discussing the big picture of Solve Smart Cities. Matt’s vision is grand, but Reid keeps him realistic and ensures they hit certain milestones. With Emile Cambry as their third cofounder, the three of them feel that truly anything is possible.

Here is what Reid envisions for Solve Smart Cities:

“A lot of talk about the future of ‘Smart Cities’ centers around self-driving cars or using big data to inform policing and utility decisions, but much of that conversation leaves me feeling cold about the human implication of things. I think the more important question to ask is ‘how can we build a city that takes care of it’s citizens in a smart way?’ When someone loses their job, can we step up and help them find another one, or connect them to a workforce training nonprofit to help them gain new skills? That’s the kind of city that I want to live in.”

Reid has been in the social enterprise scene for nearly five years, and he’s done incredible things. In 2013, Reid joined DonorPath as one of their first hires. In 2016, DonorPath was acquired by Network For Good. Reid summarizes how it was from early on to acquisition:

“In the beginning, there was a feeling that we were on to something that could really make a difference to nonprofits by helping them to scale their fundraising and be able to devote more resources to their missions. It wasn’t an easy road, and there were a few times when we almost didn’t make it, but it was a satisfying feeling to see it acquired by a company that cared about continuing the vision.”

Reid brings his ability to build lean startup web applications to Solve Smart Cities. Aside from being the CTO of Solve Smart Cities, he is also the project manager making sure we have realistic expectations for feature and product launches.

Reid, Matt, and Emile all speak the same language — impact and solving complex social problems revolved around Government shortcomings in technology. The Third Wave by Steve Case, a blueprint for using technology to revolutionize real world issues, is their rule book and vision. Follow them on their journey as they change social enterprise forever.

Learn more about Reid at his website Reidcompton.com.




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