Out With the Old And in With the New – Where the Future Of Non-Profit Funding is headed

Moving away from angel investing and venture capitalism opens the door to the limitless potential for resources existent in the Midwest and greater Chicago area. This progressive model is consistent with the Silicon Valley culture of deal flow sharing. The Midwest and Silicone Valley both value their tight-knit culture, which allows companies to quickly and easily gain resources in exchange for the opportunity of a long-term relationship, which mutually benefits both parties.

Thus far, the Midwest has provided copious opportunities for investors and for-profit entrepreneurs to engage in collaborative growth. Non-profits can look to the same tradition of Midwestern community values to combat the significant decrease of government spending in this sector.

Non-profits face numerous challenges when generating revenue. Non-profits must cultivate true partnerships, align with appropriate parties, establish cohesion between team leaders, navigate an extremely limited market, and create alternative revenue generation pathways during more stagnant periods. This list is by no way all encompassing, but highlights some hardships Solve Smart Cities aims to alleviate in the non-profit world.

Philanthropists and foundations are conventionally known to exclusively give grants to non-profit organizations that prove their positive impact. Quantifying impact is crucial to philanthropy today. Measuring the impact of a given non-profit is difficult due to the structure of a typical non-profit team. Understaffed teams typically work overtime just to ensure their non-profit venture stays afloat, leaving little to no time and resources to dedicate to creating a quota of impact.

The goal of Solve Smart Cities is to be the sales team for workforce development nonprofits. Solve Smart Cities wishes to be the new revenue maker for nonprofits by partnering proper groups and proving their positive impact to the Government. Government grants for non-profits are disappearing (2005 and 2013) and Solve Smart Cities is the solution.

We invite you to follow up and to help us grow awareness by sharing your passion for Chicago. Stand with us as we strive to partner workforce development nonprofits such as Cara, i.c. stars, Ideal Candidate and ReWork.

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